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WORDS Customisable Necklace

WORDS Customisable Necklace

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Introducing our exclusive and entirely unique Personalised Name/Word/Phrase Freshwater Pearl Necklace, a piece that allows you to express yourself and carry cherished memories wherever you go. Delicately adorned with freshwater pearls and sprinkled with vibrant seed beads, this necklace is secured with a robust gold-filled chunky toggle clasp, making it a true extension of your individuality.

Key Features:

  • Expertly handcrafted, this necklace is a canvas for your chosen name, word, or phrase, creating a truly personal accessory.
  • The combination of delicate freshwater pearls and colourful seed beads creates an eye-catching and meaningful design.
  • Choose a loved one's name, your children's names, "MAMA," a favourite mantra, or any word or phrase that resonates with you.

Why Choose Our Personalised Freshwater Pearl Necklace: Our personalised necklace is a tribute to the things you hold dear. Whether you select your children's names, "MAMA," your favourite mantra, or a loved one's name, this necklace is a reflection of you. Perfect for Mother's Day or celebrating a significant life event, it serves as a lasting reminder and a personal talisman.

How to Customise:

  1. Simply add your chosen name, word, or phrase during checkout in the 'Notes' section.
  2. If you'd like to include a smiley bead for an extra touch of joy, kindly mention it in the same section. 
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